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Paper Stock & Coating Options

Much To Do About Paper

One of the key things to decide on when putting together your next print project is what type of paper stock you are going to use. There are two types to choose, from coated and uncoated.

Coated stocks are not always glossy, and are available in a variety of finishes such as dull, matte or silk. These finishes make it easier on the eye for reading long type passages. There is a lot of confusion out there that "matte" paper is uncoated, but in reality it is actually a coating. Uncoated papers (such as printer paper) are more rough compared to the coated stocks. Uncoated stocks are classified as bonds, offsets, card, newsprint, etc. Uncoated stocks have a tendency to dry faster to the touch as well since it soaks into the paper a bit more. Uncoated stocks are easier to write on as well since there is no coating between the pen and the paper.

We generally recommend a glossy stock for projects with pictures and other attractive design elements that you want to draw attention to. A matte, dull or silk stock is best for literature that needs to be read, as it is easier on the eye. An uncoated stock is best for material that needs to be filled out after the printing, such as forms or appointment cards. It's also great to use when going for a “natural"); UPDATE `hub_4overprints`.m3_menus SET label = REPLACE(label, '"', " or more “earthy"); UPDATE `hub_4overprints`.m3_menus SET label = REPLACE(label, '"', " look, like a craft style paper. We have several paper samples here at the shop available to view of course if you need our help in deciding what's best for your next project. Below however are some some of the stocks we tend to have on hand at all times ready to go.


60# Label 80# Vinyl Permanent 60# Label Cover Up 80# Vinyl Removable 1" Round Label

Die-Cut Adhesive

1.5" Round Label DVD / CD Label 2" Round Label 2.5" Round Label 3" Round Label
3.5" Round Label 4" Round Label

Carbonless Copy Paper

2-part 3-part


We have envelopes in all shapes and sizes. Check out our envelopes page for envelope options.