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  <p>This page demonstrates a 3 column responsive layout, complete with responsive images and jquery slideshow.</p>
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  <p>Envelopes come in so many styles and formats, that it would be difficult to attempt to list them all. Add to that an endless variety of paper stocks, finishes, thicknesses and levels of durability. Some come with protective padding, security features and windows while others are designed for specific methods of shipping, like airmail envelopes. We’ve listed the most common types to help you make the appropriate choice for your design projects. Ask your local paper merchant for specific envelope details, samples and availability of your selections.</p>
        <p>Also, make sure to get from your government postal service, specific instructions regarding envelope design guidelines and specifications. You must precisely follows your country’s official mailing rules and regulations, if you don’t want to have your design work rejected because it does not meet required specifications. Since these differ from country to country, be careful to respect international rules and regulations if your envelope is to be shipped out of the country, especially in bulk as a commercial mailing. Remember, you can custom design your envelope as long as you respect your country’s postal rules and regulations. It’s a good idea to always check your final design with the local postal authorities to get official approval before sending your files to the printer.</p>